Sunday, August 1, 2010


We're turning into a well-oiled machine over here guys! I'm talking write, cut and mix 2-3 smashes in one day! I think we deserve to say 'I'm feeling myself' right now. Now that that small wave of self-admiration has passed, we're ready for another week's worth blood, sweat and tears. No biggie though, the blood, sweat and tears are picayune when compared with the accomplishments that await.

Lord knows how discouraging this industry can be sometimes, but I quickly realize that it isn't just the industry that is discouraging - it's life - duh. So what do we do? Pick up a pen, set up a session and keep it moving because the politics can only be in the way for so long. I refuse to forfeit this race on account of not having a huge budget or not being signed to a major. Instead I'm compelled to go in smash after smash until I shatter this glass ceiling above my head. As we write, we don't consider building a catalog anymore because we are building a regime now.

We have come a long way, still we have an even longer way to go. I'm just thankful that we have our hands full. Moreover, I feel blessed for working with everyone that we've worked with thus far.


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