Thursday, June 16, 2011

We're in LA Trick!

What's up? :) It's been a minute but we're back and finally in L.A. We've been settling in, working, and of course writing. Thank you for tuning in. Los Angeles has some of the best Asian cuisine, we must say. So far, we're loving it. It does get a bit chilly here as the we're used to the Florida weather; but we'll be fine. We can still wear boots here (yesssss) and with a few scarves and sweaters, we'll be okay. We'll keep you posted as far as the sessions and networking go. The next few weeks we'll be working and moving non-stop for sure and THAT is a wonderful thing. Thanks again and stay tuned for more from Team 80'S'ix. Holla!

-YN & Soaky Siren