Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Game

Ok...this is random, but have you guys watched the first two episodes of The Game? What do you think? Some say there was just a little too much drama in the first episode so they now wonder what's going to blow us out the water when it comes to the upcoming episodes. Melanie was dead wrong. I understand why she did it...I do. However, she went about the whole thing the WRONG way. Both she and Derwin should have had a test done when Janee' first said she was having the baby. Melanie of course would still be uneasy about the whole situation, but at least she would have know from the beginning, for sure. Now on to Jason...WHAT a character. He's such a jackass, but so hilarious. Anyhow, let us know your thoughts; and let us know any other topics you'd like to discuss. Thanks again for tuning in to Team 80'S'ix. God bless.

And Another One!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Deeper Than Music *Ross Voice*

Everyday is an uphill battle but for one reason or the other, trying to pave your own path in this industry makes that hill seem like a 90° angle. I guess this makes anyone with the same ambitions a thrill-seeker; constantly in pursuit of an adrenaline rush. While I may not have any interest in leaping out of a plane or conquering some of the world's tallest monoliths, I'm pretty sure the euphoria is the same for me when I'm in the studio with the speakers on blast or when I get an email from a producer that is ecstatic about a record. Granted, this might seem perfectly normal - after all, I'm doing what I love so what's the big deal? Moreover, the rock climbers and sky divers mingle with death for the sake of a thrill - crazy.

Well here's the thing, for each time I've ever been disappointed about a record not sticking or being outright rejected, in some sick and twisted way I've grown even more determined and excited to move forward. That's not to say I'm a sucker for rejection and or that I embrace the nasty politics that are only an interim threat. Rather, I'm more of a hopeless romantic; no matter how many broken hearts I suffer from this business, every time I move up the through the ranks it's like nothing ever happened - that call I got about a record getting cut came right along and kissed it all better.

Then, there's the idea of abandoning the 'safe' route. You know, go to college, land a good job, climb the corporate ladder and maybe even start a family. Umm, negative. Now I'm all for education and I'm stoked about walking down the aisle this summer (for my mba ;)) but throughout my studies and job experiences there has always been one prevailing inequality: $≤ happiness. Do I think of landing a prestigious position at Fortune 500 company? Of course I do. Please believe that I will be miserable until it's time to knock off and go to the stu! But in the end, there would be a huge void in my life and quite frankly, I would be doing myself a huge disservice by opting out of my dreams in favor of a 'safe' paper route.

Most people have ambitions of grandeur when it comes to being in the music industry. Everyone wants to be rich and famous. I won't sit here and say that I wouldn't welcome the wealth. But I will say, that the money isn't my motive. What drives me is the fact that I can share my music with the world. I can stir so many positive emotions through a song - I can inspire, I can encourage and most important I can change.

It's that simple.

Now excuse me while I tackle Mount Everest.