Sunday, June 20, 2010

Random Reflections

SOOOOOO excited to leave for LA! After sitting back and really looking at the catalog, I have to admit, we've come a LONG way! Unfortunately, having a mean catalog is only half the battle (realistically speaking, it's more like only a quarter of it). Not only do you have to endure the relentless politics, you have to accept that you will have a love-hate relationship with this industry. Music can be many things; some say music is therapy or music is love -- and I couldn't agree more. But on the flip-side, music can be the complete opposite.

As we go through these peaks and valleys, I'm not as bewildered as I am jaded with the whole thing. At first, I took offense to all things negative; and when I say negative, I am not referring to any of the constructive criticism -- this is the wrong field to be in if you are insecure. Now, I do a Kanye-shrug whenever I run into the negativity. If I got a nickel for all the times we've heard 'this is a definite placement' I'd be writing this blog from a beach house in Eleuthera right now. Moreover, what's it gonna take for some of these called 'super-producers' to understand that there will be no stroking of any sort? So you, your ego and whatever else your coons and groupies usually stroke can kick rocks -- I didn't sign up for that, sorry. Alas, there is always the animosity that either blatantly or silently rear its ugly head. But haters flatter me so whatever, I only have a problem with it when it precludes progress.

I'm sure my love-hate relationship with music now makes sense to most people while it doesn't. After all, why stick with something if you keep getting all these setbacks? *sigh* Despite the asinine people and the countless struggles, I'm still smitten. And I always will be. I guess that's why good things are beginning to unfold.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Lot a Bit - The Girls Had to RE-remix the Lykke Li ft Drake "A Little Bit" Remix....check it out.

Game Face on

Once again, 80'S'ix is in the building, & will be in LA next week networking, making hits, and soaking up the sun! Be sure to check out 'A Lot a Bit' by The Girls on Twiturm, & on YouTube: Remix to Lykke & Drake 'A Little Bit'...stay tuned!