Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yes We've Been Bad...But We've Been Busy!

I know I know, blogging should be a part of our routine now. But life happens lol and we've been in and out of sessions. Sleep has become a major commodity these days. I'm not complaining though, the catalog is sounding really mean right about now!

For those who have been tuning in and rooting for (or against) us, we're sending you guys and gals a big S/O for motivating us. We especially want to send a huge S/O to the producers we've worked with in the last few weeks; working with Cool & Dre is just as dope as it sounds, Illfactor is nothing short of amazing and Gorilla Tek is a beast! SteffNasty gave us a whole new appreciation for Skype! 80'S'ix and Beat Banggahz were going in like we were in the A-room people! #classic

In the coming weeks team 80'S'ix is teaming up with some talented writers...and yes, we will be posting some new jawns for you guys to vibe to! Miss Tosha hurry up and get to Miami! Make sure you guys follow @iammisstosha on twitter; very talented writer.

Lately, a number of people have been asking if we're down to collab. We're in pursuit of the dream and if you're headed in that direction, we'll walk with you. So for everyone asking if we want to get it in....of course we do! We're about making good music and making it to the charts. We're not about the politics. That said, producers, writers, photographers, graphic designers, janitors...let's get it!

~ 80'S'ix