Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hot Producers!

As we continue to build the catalog, it gets easier and easier with talented producers to work with! We've recently been working with The Androidz (follow them on twitter...@THEANDROIDZ). Not only are we working with the Androidz, based in New York, but another production team based in Los Angeles called Fisticuffs (you can find them @FisticuffsMusic on Twitter) as well. As we plan trips to both NY & Cali in the near future, feel free to get at us for any projects you need writers on! Take care & God bless!

YN & Soaky Siren ;)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gettin' It Iiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn!!!

Okay...more news...80'S'ix had the opportunity to write with the one and only Michelle Delamor! Now THAT chick can sang (as you all know from Idol of course)! Lol! We had a blast. She's beautiful, extremely talented, humble, and sweet. Follow her on twitter! It's @MDelamor, aight? Pics and all that other good stuff on the way...holla! Stay tuned... ;)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Chick Can Sang!

Here's the incredible YN going in! Just so you know, nothing gets in between YN and Mary. Please believe that whenever we get in the studio with Ms. Blige, YN is going to go so hard!

I am so mad at that intro though; pure comedy on my behalf!

We're In Pasadena!!!!!!

Ahhh the adventures of Soaky Siren and YN! Somehow our trip to Roscoe's led to an impromptu appearance in Pasadena. Now I'm usually the first to call people out for getting lost - especially if they have a GPS for goodness sake, but we fall down. What can I say, it happens to the best of us!

See what had happened was, somewhere along the I-10, I got distracted by the rolling hills enveloping the interstate and I even manged to squeeze in a brief photo opp in some random tunnel. I was so intrigued that I somehow forgot to hit START on the GPS, #fail. Needless to say we were In Pasadena!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Where Are The Guys?

Umm, as much I applaud the girl power thing we've got going on here, we need some testosterone - in the form of a male vocalist. We were getting by just fine until we wrote these last 2 songs that happen to be well below our range. Now unless YN gets an adam's apple and her voice cracks, we're going to need a dope male singer - FAST. If you know anyone, let us know!

What up?! :) some GREAT things going on right now! We're currently working with a number of producers on various projects...and...they REALLY like what we've been submitting!!! I've said it before, but we're SO thankful to everyone for your support, & for showing us love. These are very, very, humble beginnings, but this is only the beginning and there's a lot more in store! Be sure to follow us on twitter... @SoakySiren and @YNhits.
On a side note, you may wonder why we say that "We write hits", or why a twitter name has to have "hits" in may say that you haven't heard anything yet. If you don't believe in yourself, then no one will. We're not at all conceited or just talking "BS". If you don't take the time to perfect your craft, no one will take you seriously. If you don't follow your dreams, you'll live life thinking, "Shoulda, coulda, woulda"... We are confident that we make music that makes people want to dance, cry, love...THAT's what music is express yourself! We're also confident that as we build relationships and build our catalogue, everything will fall into place. Everyone started somewhere...from JayZ to Beyonce', to Darkchild. We're just hungry and humble; and although we're not quite yet where we want to be, we're getting there...slowly but surely. We're getting everything together for you guys! Soooo thanks again & God bless! ;)

YN & Soaky Siren

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Now that we're back in Miami, it's safe to say that A)LA is is where it's at and B) LA is where 80'S'ix needs to be! Everything from the music to the people made the experience so worth it. Ironically, the people in LA and Hollywood didn't act 'Hollywood' at all. We met up with a number of producers including the legendary Darkchild and went into SMASHMODE as we hopped from one studio to another. Darkchild is as incredibly humble as he is talented.
We have to send a special thanks to Shaun Beastley, Rap 1220, Dorian, The Fisticuffs, Ben Briggs, Remy and Anthony Renoir; teamwork makes the dream work! The pics are coming soon of course! For now, check out the video we did when we met up with Darkchild...stay tuned!

80 Six Music Group Blazetrak Success Story from Blazetrak on Vimeo.

Shout out to Corey Stanford and the entire Blazetrak team for making it happen!