Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hot Producers!

As we continue to build the catalog, it gets easier and easier with talented producers to work with! We've recently been working with The Androidz (follow them on twitter...@THEANDROIDZ). Not only are we working with the Androidz, based in New York, but another production team based in Los Angeles called Fisticuffs (you can find them @FisticuffsMusic on Twitter) as well. As we plan trips to both NY & Cali in the near future, feel free to get at us for any projects you need writers on! Take care & God bless!

YN & Soaky Siren ;)


  1. my name is Jay Butler.. producer based in new york.. let's do some work ladies...hit me up on facebook and we can take it further if u like... God bless...

  2. Hi There ,
    would love to work with some talented songwriters as your selves.. I'm part of a production team based in Australia..if you ladies are interested contact me at to discuss further :)

    Warm regards,