Saturday, October 8, 2011


Hey! This is a short post to say hi and we hope everyone's been doing well. We have been more than blessed to say the least. The past couple weeks have been crazy with sessions booked back to back, but this is exactly what we wanted and clearly only the beginning. The team has been in the studio with writers Damario ( @Damario_lashine on Twitter) and Carlos ( @onlymusic11 on Twitter). We've knocked out quite a few songs and have way more to go. Soaky has also knocked out some bangers with dynamic duo Crishan and Kyle, and producer Coop who boasts an urban edge and an R&B "swag" that is sure to have the ladies swooning and the club going crazy. More records + more studio time = stronger catalog + several placements. :) So once again thank you for tuning in to the 80'S'ix channel, and remember DON'T GIVE UP no matter who may doubt you. Perseverance and faith leads to success and success is the greatest revenge.

Stay blessed

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