Monday, October 4, 2010

Food for Thought

Everything negative that happens STILL happens for a reason. Every "no" you hear only gives you more time to learn, research, and perfect your craft. God works in mysterious ways. In working toward your goals, you can sometimes forget WHO it is that has blessed you in the first place...who has given you the gifts/talents that you have, and that God has also surrounded you with people/family who have a genuine concern for your best interest; people who have been there from day one, and don't plan on leaving. That in itself is a lot to be thankful for.
Though it is true that time waits for no man, it is also true that God is ALWAYS on time, and whatever opportunity or situation...whatever door that remains closed...whatever door you're knocking on that's not opening? Right now, that's just not where you need to be.
Please continue to follow your dreams, continue to bless others, and keep a positive attitude about things (yes...stay positive no matter how discouraged you may be). Understand that everyone has a different circumstance or situation. If you're blessed to be in a spot that allows for flexibility of time, or the chance to meet new people, take advantage of that! You'll eventually reach the top. Don't look at what the next person is doing and feel as though you're inferior, and don't look at someone else and think you're superior either! Just keep going, realizing that we're all human...all trying to make it. We all have red blood, and we all want to love, be loved, and be successful. Ask God what it is you need to do, and move from there! We make mistakes, but don't forget where you've come from and where you're destined to be. Today is a new day. Stop dwelling on the past! Make today you're yesterday!
*Put God first and all else will fall into place. Try Him. What have you got to lose?*

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